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Dutch/European Rust servers

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Vanilla - Max 6 - 50% upkeep   Just wiped!


15.08.19 (Full wipe) - 29.08.19 (Full wipe)

Vanilla x2 - Solo/Duo/Trio   Just wiped!


15.08.19 (Full wipe) - 29.08.19 (Full wipe

Vanilla - Solo only   Just wiped!


15.08.19 (Full wipe) - 29.08.19 (Full wipe)

High performance servers

Hosted from the heart of Amsterdam, To ensure low latency for players from the Netherlands and Europe.

Anti-DDoS Protection

All our servers are equipped with Anti-DDoS protection. Attacks will be resolved within minutes.

Multiple Flavours

We host multiple different Rust servers. A 100% Vanilla, Bi-Weekly wipes and a Vanilla x2, Bi-Weekly wipes at this moment. More to come! Suggestion? Let us know!

Experienced & Trustworthy Admins

Our admins and moderators doing their best to keep the server clear of hackers and toxic players. Feel free to contact one of us!

V.I.P. Access Available!

Upgrade your account and skip the queue to get into the action instantly!
For only €5,- per month!

Get your VIP access today!

Excavator Update

Devblog - Thursday August 1, 2019

Excavator monument and more optimizations and fixes

July Update

Devblog - Friday July 5, 2019

Horse breeds and hitching posts, client and server optimizations and more.
Also all our servers are fully wiped, GL HF!

Giddy Up!

Devblog - Thursday June 6, 2019

Horseback riding, Balance changes, a New UI and more!

New domain, fixed Steam integration and Support tickets on website.

DutchRust - Monday May 27, 2019

We have a new (extra) domain for our website,
This will allow us again to integrate Steam login on our website.
With your Steam account you can create and manage support tickets and vote on the map for next wipe!

If you have any kind of issues with the website, Please let us know!

The Smol Update

Devblog - Thursday May 2, 2019

A smaller than usual 2-week update including a new Hunting Bow Model, Map changes, various bugfixes and more monument lighting changes

The DutchRust Staff

Do you need help or want to report something suspicious? Feel free to talk to one of us.


Owner of DutchRust







DutchRust Rules & Moderation Policy

Please take the time to read the rules that are enforced by our admins and moderators

Last update: 03.04.2019 23:00 (CEST)

*Please note: The rules may change at any time.

When we encounter a violation of one of the rules in this section,
Depending on the violation we will give a chat mute, permanent or temporary.
A constant violation of one of the rules in this section will result in a permanent ban.

  • 1.1 No racism, No Swearing, No bigotry or other stuff that people can be offended by.
  • 1.2 No toxic behaviour; 
    Accept the fact that you are playing Rust (A harcore survival game), This means that you can get killed or raided. Do not be toxic or salty about it.
  • 1.3 It is not allowed to bully/harass someone

When we encounter a violation of one of the rules in this section,
The whole team, and those who have authorization on TC or Turrets will be banned also.

  • 2.1 Maximum group size is 6 on our vanilla server and 3 on our 2x server.
  • 2.2 You may only roam/raid with your own group. No exceptions!
  • 2.3 No teaming whatsoever.
  • 2.4 Living in compounds and towns count as teaming too.
  • 2.5 It is allowed to let someone else take over someone's place in the group, as long as that person is not coming back for the rest of the wipe, and the sleeping bag is removed, the TC authorization and Turret authorization is removed. There has to be at least 24 hours between the person quitting, and the other person starting.
  • 3.1 Using hacks, is not allowed in any form.
  • 3.2 Making use of glitches or other bugs in Rust is not allowed.
  • 3.3 (Roofcamp) towers are not allowed near monuments. There has to be at least 1 grid spacing on the map between the monument and the tower. (Block of the monument is excluded.) Normal bases are allowed in this area's. We consider normal bases not to be higher than 3 floors high with no shooting floor/roof.
  • 4.1 The primary language is Dutch, But we do allow English in the chat. Any other language is not allowed.
  • 4.2 It is not allowed to share any links in the server’s chat.
  • 4.3 Sharing adult content in the server chat and Discord is strictly forbidden!
  • 4.3 For your own privacy and safety it is not allowed to share or ask private information in the in-game chat or discord chat.
  • 4.4 No flooding of the chat, This is considered annoying by others.
    If you want to chat with a friend, You can get Discord and get in a private conversation with each other.
  • 4.5 Do not threaten anyone in real life. If someone threatens you please make a screenshot and this player will be instantly banned from our server.
  • 4.6 Do not call hacks publicly in the ingame chat, If you suspect someone of hacking, Please contact a admin on our Discord server in private.
  • 4.7 Excessive arguing in public chat is not allowed.
  • 4.8 The in-game chat is monitored by our admins and moderators.
    Did we still miss something? Please contact us in private in Discord.
  • 5.1 Only tag @Admin or a @Moderator with a valid reason! We have push notifications enabled on our phones to ensure fast response when tagged by someone that is in need of help.
  • You will be permanently banned if you tag a staff member without any valid priority reason
  • 5.2 It can take up sometime before a staff member will respond to one of your direct messages.
    Since the fact that we have a lot of messages at all times, So spamming us will not help you any faster.
  • 5.3 No excessive trolling, A joke is fine but do not be annoying with constant trolling the Discord chat.

The role of our admins and moderators is to support players, keep the server clean, and resolve any server issues.

We handle any form of support through Discord (Via DM) or Email
- Get your invite for our Discord server here: 
- Or send us a email to

  • 6.1 Respect Staff decisions, they work for the greater good of the server. NOT a single player's interests.
  • 6.2 We strictly forbid our staff to play on our server, since they have access to too many commands and features that can be used for abuse and other unfair actions.
  • 6.3 Since "Admin Abuse" is a real thing amongst players and servers, We do NOT have any admins playing in-game. Claiming a false admin abuse will result in a instant ban! Moderators are allowed to play in the server since they have no permissions to commands that can affect the gameplay (Like spawning, flying, killing, looking trough walls etc.). Our moderators have only access to mute and ban commands. (Our admins will verify the bans.)
  • 6.4 Do not ask a admin to spawn items or anything that can be seen as abuse. We will simply not do it.
  • 6.5 Ban evasion is not allowed! When you get banned for some reason, It is NOT allowed to return with another account untill your ban is lifted. We have multiple ways and tools to detect players on other accounts. Even if the IP address is changed. The ban will be permanent when caught!
  • 7.1 The maximum allowed ping is 150ms. When Exceeding this limit you will be kicked. Try to better your connection.
  • 7.2

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